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Mounika. – Tender Love x Ocie Elliott

There’s an artist in the music sphere going by the name Mounika. and he’s been completely ravaging through the community the past few years filling listeners ears with positive vibes left and right. For new music Friday he just released his new single “Tender Love” with Ocie Elliot and it has just completely filled my heart with joy. So much so that I flew over to his SoundCloud to see what was going on for myself. Turns out his entire portfolio is complete gas: “Papillions” is straight out of a movie, could see it being the first song in the ending credits to a futuristic remake of Alice in Wonderland. Then his track “Cut My Hair” featuring the highly love-able Cavetown has some of the best vocal chop work I have ever listened to in my life. All in all his tracks are just beyond chill and breathe smooth lustrous fire through the ears and into the soul. The message “Tender Love” delivers is very special and after having derived our own splendid meaning of it over here at Affinity Sound we would like our listeners to synthesize their own meaning as well. So please do us and yourself a favor and check out Mounikas.’s hot new jam “Tender Love” below 🙂

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