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Jacana People – Amaya

Today we are featuring a really special track titled “Amaya” produced by Jacana People. I don’t know how to put this track into words because it’s too beautiful of a song and I haven’t experienced anything like it since “Lost In Thought” by KOAN Sound came out. When I listen to this track I envision brighter days essentially and as it turns out this piece was made to be an offering from isolation. During these troubling times while in quarantine, we feel not only isolated physically, but isolated in our minds to an extent. If you feel as if you have been trapped in your mind and wish to be relieved from this mental ‘prison’, “Amaya” will serve as the keys to the cell door. This track is so insightful and explicitly pure in nature that it will literally evolve your soul into a beautiful blooming Dahlia. To stream “Amaya” produced by the wondrous Jacana People, click the play button below 🙂

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