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itscanturan – sorry

The Istanbul producer going by the name itscanturan is hot on the block right now with his new single “sorry” that just released today for the world to hear. It features incredible production value encompassing elements throughout that are unlike anything else we have ever heard over here at Affinity Sound. The style of this track has groovy/jazzy vibes to it but before you know it you’re hit with an epic drop in the first and second half that puts you straight up in a smooth almost future bass/electronic type cut. It’s a cut you wish you could live in for weeks at a time as it’s super easy on the ears but electrifying all at the same time. We’re for sure going to be keeping our eyes peeled for more work from this producer as he not only has a sick sound style that anyone can be fond of, he also has aesthetic, which you can take notice of not only from his gram but also from his cover arts. If you’d like to see what itscanturan is made of then take a listen to his fresh new track “sorry” below, you won’t regret it 🙂

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