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53 Thieves – Lockdown

Lockdown by 53 Thieves delivers a punch of chill vibes and fresh air into the EDM scene, which is often absent in today’s productions. I found myself spacing out as I listened to the future style chords that permeate within the sound; a sudden burst of relaxation and empathic motion took over my senses and, as the track came to a close, I suddenly felt inexplicably mellow, as well as blown away. Accompanied by a lush guitar that further deepens its progressive atmosphere, the minimalistic yet deep vocals seduced me into a trance; a presentiment of ascension. Lockdown’s mesmerizing presence lies in its subtle details; its background vocal chops, reverberated melodies, powerful bass lines: they all come together to create a unique astral experience keen to a beautiful lucid dream. Join me in the quest to nirvana and lock yourselves in the depths of your mind with Lockdown by 53 Thieves. To stream check the vid below 🙂 -AffinitySound

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