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Big Wild – Pale Blue Dot

Had the pleasure of seeing Big Wild for the second time over at HiJinx in Philadelphia. It was the end of 2019 for New Years Eve weekend and Big Wild made the experience oh so memorable. I expected a great deal from the young artist being he blew me out of the water in Brooklyn during the Winter of 2018. He meet my expectations and then some. I’m talking this guy completely threw down, all the while being solo without his usual back up crew. One jam he played out was “Pale Blue Dot”, a banger that is unique for many reasons.

The first half minute of “Pale Blue Dot” starts out with epic choir like vocals, a mirage of higher pitched chords taking place in a chapel if you will, on some holy day as if a new beginning was commencing. Then from there we take off into a full blown party, derived from a pleasurable gnarly beat, a beat that makes it beyond easy for a massive crowd to bump to. It’s essentially a unique trap beat of sorts perfect for a rave, but one that would vibe equally as well in a small club like Echostage in DC. Iv’e had this in my gym playlist for a minute now and it fits into my routine perfectly so if you’re looking for some tracks to get down to this might be a right fit for you. Have a listen below for yourself and let me know what you think 🙂

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