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Crystal Skies – Feels Right Ft. RUNN

Seven Lions simply has been doing it right lately. The man not only has a throuple going on that’s coming up on its 1 year anniversary, he also has a sick label named Ophelia Records that has been absolutely killing it as of late. Towards the end of 2019 they released an absolutely amazing track titled “Feels Right” by Crystal Skies featuring RUNN. I must say Jeff really knows how to pick artists that fit his persona and label to a T. Crystal Skies is one of a bunch now that are putting a good name to Ophelia Records but man does Crystal Skies really now how to send it, I’m seriously impressed with the duos work.

When the track opens up one can already tell within the first 10 seconds of the track that it’s going to hit home on all ends of the emotional spectrum and it certainly does pull through sure enough. The build up encompasses vocals that not only sound like pure ecstasy, they also carry meaning that fills the heart and soul. Then before you know it you’re hit with a parade of crystalline pad drops that send sparks up every inch of your body. It’s really quite the experience. Have a listen for yourself and be transported to wonderland where only the sky is the limit <3

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