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Zeds Dead & DNMO – Save My Grave Ft. GG Magree

Depending on ones location the Winter can be fairly excruciating for many, not only weather wise but for the soul as well. Scientifically speaking this is due in part to lack of natural sunlight, which provides the essential vitamin D nutrient we all need to survive. Just like superman we are all super heroes and when we’re caught lacking in the sunshine department we must look for other means to ignite our thrusters. That’s where Zeds Dead & DNMO come in clutch. Their new release “Save My Grave” featuring GG Magree is absolutely breathtaking and it will sustain your energy levels enough to last the entirety of the Winter months ahead.

As the audience switches on their headset, they are immediately encountered by that deep fathoming bass Zeds Dead is so well known for. Tied along with GG Magrees affecting vocal work, we soon find ourselves on a journey that we wish will never end. This beautiful bass driven piece touches on how love can be so intense sometimes to the point where we don’t know what to do with ourselves. We let feelings such as these fill our veins because love is pure ecstasy even when it’s torturous from time to time. “Save My Grave” nails the emotional complexity love has to offer as the bass ignites just before the minute mark.  I’m so impressed with this collaboration, I hope all of you are as well 🙂

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