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Sigma Ft. Paloma Faith – Changing (Majestic Remix)

There are days when we need to catch a vibe more than other days and it can prove to be somewhat difficult without the right catalyst present. That’s where the Majestic Remix of “Changing” comes in. Now here’s a tune that has so much energy packed within that even a two ton boulder deep in the Appalachians will get up and start grooving. Throughout the song the listener experiences a feeling of inner strength growing that becomes so great it starts to seep out every single pore on the epidermis. 

This fascinating occurrence forms from the spirit held behind the piano work in combination with the vocal layout. The vocals just emanate brilliance, power and inspiration. They make the listener feel that change should be accepted through and through as it can lead to conditions that are so much better than those of your past. If you’ve been in a single spot for too long, take a listen to “Changing” as you might feel inclined to bounce to a far off land that will revolutionize your circumstances. 

The duo known as SIGMA from London did a great job with the original, however Majestic really took it to another level. The use of Paloma Faith for the vocals was a massive move that took the direction of this piece to new heights and I’m so glad this banger is still paving it’s way through music listening platforms out there on the wide wide web. For an uplifting experience, peep the video below and be prepared to have your doors blown wide open 🙂 

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