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NOEP – fk this up (Benny Benassi & BB Team Remix)

The weekend is on its way boys and girls so if you want to get this party started, then were going to have to add some kindling to the fire. And by golly, it just so happens that the plug for the spark just came through, brought to you by none other than Benny Benassi, an artist who’s been in the mix for some time now. This party animal from Reggio Emilia, Italy just cranked out a banger of a remix to “fk this up” alongside his team, the original created by NOEP.

If you have ever experienced what I like to call “the halt”, that sensation inside where you feel if there was just a little more oomph to the banger on at the club then you would bust out some saucy dance moves but don’t, then you must have a listen to “fk this up”. By doing so you will unearth the key to the vault where inside lies the juice to cease “the halt” for the rest of eternity. You heard that right friends; give this banger one rip and you will be sent on a dance journey across the nation. Tap in to the vibe below for your journey to commence 🙂

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