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San Holo ft. Taska Black – Right Here Right Now (Midnight Kids Remix)

We actually haven’t heard the original yet even being big fans of San Holo. That’s one of the beauties of remixes as they help unearth originals that may have permanently stayed deep below the surface. Especially in a time when more music is accessible than ever before . We wanted to highlight this piece as it’s a truly special song that can actually make the listener feel something special within.

When music drives positivity, that’s a beautiful power. A power that is able to have a positive effect that resonates through the world, which is especially needed when there is so much political unrest going on all around. For right now, we invite you to dive deep into “Right Here Right Now (Midnight Kids Remix)” and let your worries wash away.

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Much love from our team at Affinity Sound. Cheers.

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