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INZO – Overthinker

INZO’s “Overthinker” is a journey if we ever heard one. It takes the famous words of Allan Watts and drives home the true meaning of introspective thoughts that echo in the brain endlessly. Mixed with hard hitting synths and house shaking bass at a mid tempo, this track has become a piece that’s simply much too delicious to not have a taste. INZO made it on to the top 40 artists to watch for the new year and it’s clear why. The intricacies of his music speak volumes that leave us in awe. As this track develops it becomes clear what’s important in life as we can only hope to think of a brighter future filled with action that helps progress the human race.

All we can do is put our efforts towards something greater than the day to day life of monotony. As 2020 begins we look onwards into not what is, but what could be, and that’s how we like to live our life. Not wasting time worrying about what we can change but having proactive efforts towards how we can not only improve our life but the world around us.

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