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shallou – Fading

shallou continuously impresses me with every single release he finesses into the wide world of music we live in today. Just about a month ago he put out his new track “Fading” and ever since, it’s been buzzing around topping charts left and right and it’s very clear why. The songs rhythm is so lovable even while the message the track speaks is wistful in nature. There’s a nice backdrop of bass that carries this beauty along, which is part of the reason why I believe listeners will in the end not walk away feeling somber yet instead enlightened.    

shallou is hands down within my top 10 favorite chill style artists of all time. In “Faded Love” he tells a tale of an at first delightful relationship that in the end becomes whisked away in forgotten winds. However, even when the listener should feel downcast, we seem to come away with new light hearted perspective formed from the connectivity to the message. Not wanting a similar result, we fight even harder for lasting love within our current relationships by becoming more diligent then ever before at being the finest of companions. It’s so unreal how shallou can make such chill beats with so much emotion wrapped up inside, he really knows how to bring listeners to their knees. Have a check for yourself, the jam is featured right below 🙂 

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