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KOAN Sound – Lost In Thought

“Lost In Thought” by KOAN Sound is mystic beauty. It’s a song that allows your mind to drift carefree within a satin sea, providing peace to the soul, while also at times driving ones thoughts to fire, in turn sharpening the mind. This work of art has a wide encompassment of classifications including Drum & Bass, Super Chill, Chill, and Upbeat Chill.

To this day it still ceases to amaze me how one track can include so many genres. There will be moments when you feel as if your are transcending meditatively during the relaxed areas of “Lost In Thought” then the track ropes you back in from your lucid state with it’s pickup of stimulating DnB. I can’t say there is another track out there of this kind that has so many ranges of styles inside and with each done so perfectly. It’s another wonder in and of itself that KOAN was able to carry out flawless transitions being that the style encompassment is so diverse in range.

Amongst other things, he is also notorious for putting out thought provoking music that gives restitution to the mind, body and soul. KOAN has been high up on my list for artists to watch and he will remain there for the rest of my life. Make sure to give this track a listen, it’s one you must hear within your time.

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